Low Cost Website Development, Maintenance, and Hosting
Specializing in websites for Animal Professionals
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Website Development

Development Fee Structure is as follows:

•  Flat Rate of $550.00:  Unlimited website pages

Website Maintenance

•  Monthly Maintenance   @  $150.00 per Year
•  Quarterly Maintenance  @ $100.00 per year

Obtain Your Domain(s)

•  Public** Domain Registration    $15.00* annually, per domain
•  Private** Domain Registration   $25.00* annually, per domain

* Annual domain registration is subject to change based on current market price

**Public domain registration discloses the client’s name, address, and email address.

**Private domain registration will only show the contact information of a private domain proxy

Website Hosting*

•  Flat Rate of $40.00 per year, billed annually

*Visit my Services Page to see what is included in the Hosting Package.
My prices are fixed prices, not hourly.  So whatever website products you choose,
the quoted price will remain the same, per your contract.